1. The three elevators in De Doelse Poort may only be used for PERSONS, PETS, DAILY MESSAGES AND SMALL ITEMS.

  2. Express notification and consent from the Owners' Association is required for any other use, when moving house, or when supplying and disposing of furniture and materials. There is also a MAXIMUM weight of 630 KG or MAXIMUM 8 people. This should never be exceeded. As a resident, owner, you are also responsible for the actions of your helpers, moving company, suppliers, etc.

  3. Users should NEVER block the elevator doors.

  4. In the event of a malfunction, lifts may not be used until they have been released for undisturbed use by the maintenance company BELLBOY.

  5. Residents also hold each other accountable for incorrect use.

  6. Residents are urgently invited to report perceived incorrect use. possibly to take a photo.

  7. Intentional incorrect use may lead to liability of the owner of the property.